AZUL Awards

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Premios Azul

It is increasingly important to find what W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgn called ‘blue oceans’‘, those new and unknown spaces that allow differentiation from the competition. Innovation is key in this search.

With the aim of highlighting those teams that have achieved these objectives, we created the Blue Awards in 2017.

What is valued?

These awards will highlight innovative, different and/or special projects of insurers, reinsurers, insurance distribution companies (brokerages, insurance agencies, underwriting agencies…), insurtechs and service companies for the insurance sector in the Spanish market that aim to:

  • The creation of products and services that help improve the quality of service offered to customers.
  • Innovation and improvement of internal processes that add value to the company.
  • The use of new formulas for customer loyalty and proximity.

Presentation of candidatures

They will be presented through a form that will serve to reflect the characteristics and achievements of the project presented and that will also alleviate the arduous work of the jury. Optionally, material (documents, videos, presentations…) may be attached to support the project.

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