Azul Award Rules 2023

Premios Azul

The Premios Azul (hereinafter, the Awards), granted by INESE SPS S.L. (hereinafter, INESE), shall be governed by the following rules:


These awards will highlight innovative, different and/or special projects of insurers, reinsurers, insurance distribution companies (brokerages, insurance agencies, underwriting agencies…), insurtechs and service companies for the insurance sector in the Spanish market that aim to:

  • The creation of products and services that help improve the quality of service offered to customers.
  • Innovation and improvement of internal processes that add value to the company.
  • The use of new formulas for customer loyalty and proximity.


Applications must be submitted using the form available on the Global Summit for Insurance Innovation website. This form, in addition to the contact information, will reflect the characteristics and achievements of the project submitted. Optionally, you may attach any material you deem appropriate to support the project.

The presentation of the candidatures does not imply any economic cost, although it requires the registration of a representative of the entity to the Global Summit for Insurance Innovation, which is an essential condition for participation in the awards.

Each company may submit a maximum of three nominations.


The deadline for submission of nominations will be open between March 16, 2024 and April 25, 2024, inclusive.

Outside this period and at the request of the Jury, the organization of the Awards may request additional information from the candidates.


A jury of recognized prestige promoted by INESE will determine the winners. INESE’s Head of Corporate Communication and Innovation, José Luis Cendrero, will participate as secretary, with voice but no vote, and will be chaired by Susana Pérez, Managing Director of INESE, who will act as president and will have the casting vote in the event of a tie-breaker.


The Awards will be announced no later than May 19 and will be made public during the Global Summit for Insurance Innovation 2024, to be held on May 23 and 24, 2024.

In addition, INESE is committed to publicizing them through publication in its different media, whether print, audiovisual or digital.

Therefore, by accepting these rules, participants grant INESE the image rights necessary for the publication, by the latter, of the name of the winning individuals and/or companies in any INESE media, whether print, audiovisual or digital.


The Jury will award a maximum of three prizes of equal relevance, according to the terms and conditions of the Awards and depending on the initiatives presented.

Each Award will be represented by an original statuette, which will be given to the representative(s) of the winning project.


Participation in the Awards implies full acceptance of these rules.

INESE reserves the right to modify and/or cancel these terms and conditions and the Prizes at any time, without any obligation to compensate third parties.

Presentation of candidatures

They will be presented through a form that will serve to reflect the characteristics and achievements of the project presented and that will also alleviate the arduous work of the jury. Optionally, material (documents, videos, presentations…) may be attached to support the project.

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