Tired of hearing that digital transformation is a black hole of money for companies? Exasperated to be told that between 60% and 80% of products resulting from innovation processes do not succeed? Tired of seeing articles about the innovation and technology bubble? Angry of constantly having to justify that what you do will mark the future of your company?

It is time to take action


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Global Summit for Insurance Innovation

The fourth edition of GSII2019 comes at a critical time for innovation and digital transformation in the insurance industry. After 15 years of technological revolution, of being the champions of the great opportunity that lies ahead, it is time to change the discourse or to stay behind forever.

Modifying the way we work, the processes, the culture, the relationship with the client… in short, embracing digitalization is no longer an opportunity. It is a must. Let’s stop asking “why” and start thinking about “how”. Let’s stop being the trend, the bubble, the topic of conversation, to be the key to the future of companies. Let’s take action before it’s too late.


More than 20 presentations and round tables that will expose keys, tricks and strategies to apply in everyday life


We bring together the actors who make decisions. We share challenges and strategies. We look for solutions


We select the speakers who know the most, not those with the most eye-catching CV, to help us find answers.


Discover Advance Creative Problem Solving in an exclusive workshop.

We reinvent ourselves to be the most useful event for those who struggle daily to transform and innovate in their organization.


Anticipate the trends that will mark the world of tomorrow
and find out how they will affect the sector


Meet the start-ups that are revolutionising the market in the first Insurtech Speed Dating in the industry.


Be part of the I Innovation Challenge of the industry, an experience to compete, solve challenges, learn and, above all, have fun.


We present the first study that radiographs the Insurtech panorama in Spain


Agenda preview

We will connect with experts from all over the world to analyze the trends of the coming world. And we will bring them together with insurance professionals to analyse the implications of these trends for the short, medium and long term in the industry.

  • Environment, mobility and energy: climate change, mobility, new energies, new cities, new materials, migrations, new forms of consumption and gentrification.
  • Education and work: basic income, new profiles, senior employment, end of work, long life learning, education of the future, impact of robots, the company of the future and new risks (cyber-risks).
  • Ageing and health: the future of pensions, living longer and better, universal health, medical advances, new doctor-patient relationship, new diseases.
  • Leisure, free time and tourism: interpersonal relationships, how to entertain people with free time, travel to the future, parallel lives, Sports, new media.
  • Leaders’ debate: The future of insurance in Europe.

We will analyze why innovation fails and what to do to avoid it. We will give concrete clues so that, if it happens, we can emerge strengthened from the failure. We will learn how to value innovation in order to transform the organization.

  • Why does innovation fail?
  • Round table: how to emerge stronger from failure.
  • The insurance products and services of the future.
  • How to seduce the CEO to value innovation.

Connect with 20 Insurtech from around the world. Some of them, for the first time at an event in Spain.

  • How to know if a startup (insurtech) has a future.
  • Agile, customer-focused and innovative: what you can learn from Insurtech.

We will discover what can be learned from other industries when innovating and look for cases of inspiration. In addition, we will learn the keys to assess the potential of startups and incorporate it into our organization. And we will learn how to transform the way an organization works.

  • Cross Innovation: What can insurance learn from innovation from other industries?
  • Open Innovation. When Goliath and David become friends / How to get the most out of the collaboration between startups and insurers.
  • From Godzilla to Velocirraptor. Practical guide to build an agile company.
  • Unlearning to build from scratch.

Learn about the latest technological trends, their usefulness and the keys to apply them successfully in our daily lives.

  • Behavioural Insurance: how data changes the way we insure.
    Towards a world without intermediaries. How distribution will change in the next 10 years.
  • Artificial Intelligence and RPA. What processes can be automated with these technologies. How to take advantage of, adapt and promote talent. Opportunities and challenges to implement Artificial Intelligence in a big company. Ensuring the return. Claims and fraud in the digital age. Opportunities to maximize transparency. How new technologies can help claims and fraud processes (AI, Big Data, etc.) in the next 5 years.

Speakers from past editions of the Global Summit


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